Florida Mugs: The Collection

One or both of the following things are true:  Either there is just something about Florida Mugs (that’s right, capital M) that is really fantastically tacky and wonderful, or there is just something about me that is really fantastically creepy and disturbing. One way or the other, I have a cupboard full of Florida Mugs, every last one of them beautiful and hideous and above all hilarious in its own way, and I am here to share the joy with you.  Please enjoy.  If teaching and writing don’t pan out the way I’d like, I imagine myself puttering around a tiny, dusty storefront someday, sunlight filtering through the filthy windows, surrounded by campy ceramic and proudly owning the title of museum curator.

Please enjoy the following selections, updated intermittently in a very latest-is-soonest, last-shall-be-first kind of a fashion:

12/28/2010: A triptych, if you will, of Florida Mugs.  Or the same Florida Mug, three times, on an insanely large pile of snow.  It is worth noting that I couldn’t actually reach the top of this snow mound in order to place the mug, and so I had to clamber up and place it there.  As I was about to come down, my neighbor pulled up, rolled down her window, and said, “I tell my daughter not to play on the snow piles by the street; do I need to tell you that, too?”  Her daughter is two.  So there I stood, looking fourteen on the top of this snow mound, and my neighbor sat with her window still rolled down, awaiting some kind of explanation, and all I could manage was, “Yeah, you probably should.  Uh, it’s a long story.  I’m trying to take a picture of the snow pile, and, uh, this is my prop.”  Nice.

Can you tell that this thing is at least eight feet tall?

The mug, by the way, is from the Florida Aquarium.  Not full of the camp hilarity found in others in the collection, but highly valued for its black color and the contrast it provides against the blinding white blanket of snow.

11/27/2010: Why are there balloons?  What’s going on here?  And why all those letters, for that matter? 

10/19/2010: FAME!  These Florida Mugs are gonna live forever.  Remember their name.  Uh, ditto for the shotglass.

10/03/2010: Flamingoes and a palm tree once again.  This time, with one of my favorite conventions: the art handle.

09/07/2010: Of course, flamingoes aren’t a necessity, nor palm trees, but in taking on the mighty subject matter of Florida Mugs, both seem a pretty great place to start.  Please forgive the grainy photo.  I’m no photographer, nor am I an iPhoto genius, just a guy with a collection and a dream.  I’m learning, I promise.

08/28/2010: Blue sky and pink flamingoes.


7 thoughts on “Florida Mugs: The Collection

  1. Why FLORIDA mugs? Why not Alaska? Or New York? Or LA? Mugs with shot glasses, money falling from the mug-tastic sky & mug casinos seem appropriate to me….

    Then again. Florida mugs are cool. But why? To Florida or not to Florida? That is the question.

    • I feel like this question may be answered elsewhere on this blog, but honestly, because Florida mugs are hilarious, pretty much without fail, and to a degree that I don’t believe is achieved by any other state. Now, maybe a good question would be why that’s the case, but alas, I don’t have the energy for those sorts of esoteric explorations.

      • esoteric |ˌesəˈterik|
        intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest : esoteric philosophical debates.

        Basically, it would take an expert in both the state of Florida and camp humor in order to figure out what’s so special of Florida Mugs. And while that would maybe be fascinating to discover, in the meantime, I’ll probably just roll with it.

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